Can cancer cure itself?

Zsolt Hermann
2 min readDec 31, 2021

Question from the Internet:

“You have the right to live the life you choose even at the expense of other people, presupposing that your power is greater than the power of your enemies, and they are powerless to resist you. Do you agree or disagree?”

I agree, that this is how we usually try to live our lives, this is how our societies are built — especially in the West. And now we can see how much this kind of a life-philosophy, lifestyle is literally killing us.

Following the viewpoint, existence outlined in the question makes us act like cancer in the fully integrated and totally interdependent world, the Natural system we exist in.

Human beings are born with a unique “amnesia”, forgetting that they are born from Nature, still exist and evolve with Nature, thus all of Nature’s fundamental laws that govern, sustain the general balance and homeostasis life depends on are also obligatory to us. We build one civilization after another trying to prove our superiority above Nature, forcing our arbitrary, unnatural laws and systems as if we existed in a vacuum.

Now, through the ever-deepening, more and more devastating crisis — that affects all levels of human activity — we slowly start to recognize that our incompatibility with Nature might cost our existence.

In truth, we do not have any individual rights, we do not have any individual freedom to choose, decide or act. From Nature’s viewpoint — we can do nothing against — individual human beings are individual cells in Humanity’s living system which is only a part, an organ in the general “body” of Nature.

At this stage, we — individually and collectively — are like cancer, as a foreign body in this living system, and the system is putting increasing pressure on us in many, different ways, to help us understand who we are and where we exist.

It was also purposeful from evolution to give us birth as “outsiders”, with opposing qualities, tendencies compared to the rest of the system, as we are supposed to recognize our incompatibility and as a result, we are supposed to start a conscious self-transformation, self-upgrade to achieve the compatibility with Nature’s system other animals, plants are born with, consciously, by our own efforts.

This will lead us to realize, fulfill our unique evolutionary Human role, purpose in Nature: to become the system’s only consciously, active, objective observers and partners.

The conscious, proactive Human transformation starts in our generation, and it will unfold either consciously, we ourselves directing our own self-changes, self-upgrade following Nature’s “teaching”, or we will yield as a result of the worsening crisis, socioeconomic collapse, wars, Natural disasters until our proud, exploitative, cancer-like ego gives up and allows us to become “truly Human” — becoming similar to, integrated into Nature by our own recognition, actions.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.