Can a “created being” learn and develop without external input?

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readSep 21


Question from the Internet:

“Can AI learn without human input?”

AI is a “super-computer” that is created and programmed by human beings, and it uses the data human beings feed to it. AI cannot “learn.” AI executes programs and combines data.

AI cannot go beyond the program installed in it and cannot assemble or collect data that is not fed to it.

After all, this is what “artificial intelligence” means: it is artificial, it is created, and it cannot truly improve on itself and become something else unless its “creators,” the human beings, change it.

What is more interesting for us is that we are also behaving the same way. After all, we did not create ourselves. We are born from nature’s lawful and deterministic system, and we were installed with a program that evolution “wrote” for us, and we are fed with the data we consume and compute from the same natural system.

We also cannot “learn” in a way that we fundamentally change ourselves. Although we believe in free choice and that our personal or collective decisions determine our development, in truth, human history, individual and collective development is totally predetermined, blind, and instinctive.

We do not do anything else, but we execute the commands that are written into our program; we go through the same predictable and recurring vicious cycles, both individually and collectively. Even people who understand human nature can predict large-scale or even individual patterns and events that will unfold in the future since there is nothing mystical or unpredictable about what is going to happen.

As long as we all blindly and instinctively follow our inherently and 100% self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and subjective calculations and decisions — solely focused on individual pleasure and pain, constantly moving towards greater and increasing pleasures while moving away from actual or feared pain — human development and life is extremely simplistic.

Just imagine, going back to AI, that such blind, instinctive, and “quasi-intelligent” humans, who do not even know what consciousness actually is, think that they can create a machine that will become self-aware and can change and develop itself! How would that be possible?!

On the other hand, human beings have a huge advantage over AI. We can actually recognize how pre-programmed and predetermined we are. We can realistically and tangibly recognize the inherent operating software that runs everything in us, and we can even come to “dislike” this inherent program — seeing what actions and development it drives and how it literally consumes and kills us — and we can even develop a true and irrepressible desire for a different program.

And here comes our true uniqueness and advantage above everything else in nature’s system: Human beings are capable of harnessing and using special natural forces to reprogram themselves and update and upgrade their inherent operating software to change themselves in a truly fundamental and revolutionary way!

We can learn and understand what nature’s system expects from us and why we were “created” and installed with the original, self-destructive operating software while also being given the ability to recognize its self-destructive qualities. This crucial self-awareness and the ability to initiate self-change and self-development through nature’s forces is unparalleled in nature, and it is exclusive to Human beings.

Only when we come to this self-awareness and start proactively and consciously interacting with nature’s system and its developmental forces to further develop and upgrade ourselves can we start talking about “learning” or actual education.

This self-upgrade and conscious Human development through nature’s assisting forces is our truly Human education, which will guide us toward becoming “truly Human” beings.

We will become “truly Human” beings when we achieve a unique, consciously and purposefully achieved similarity with and integration into nature’s finely balanced and mutually integrated system — above and against our original nature and operating software.

And when we become “truly Human” beings, more precisely when we become a single, mutually integrated, and mutually complementing Human entity with its unique composite and collective consciousness and perception of reality — combining the individual consciousness and viewpoint of each and every Human individual, we will become nature’s truly conscious mind and intellect that is capable of partnering and controlling the whole natural system as its benevolent and altruistic observer and guardian.

This is not a dream, mysticism, fairy tale, or religion. This is not a theory or philosophy, but it is our actual, predetermined evolutionary Human role and purpose that is already “written” in nature’s evolutionary plan. And as such, we are already on the way to achieving our unique and very high Human purpose.

Our free choice and active participation are about the way we reach the most optimal and most exciting final state. The sooner and more consciously and willingly we start this process of Human education and learning, the faster and more pleasantly we will reach our purpose, and then there will be no need to fall into and endure increasing pain and suffering that would soften us and convince us to change how we exist and behave.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.