Building unity requires a common goal, purpose that is stronger than our differences

Question from the Internet:

“How are you going to promote unity in a world or nation with diverse culture?”

First of all we need to accept, understand that we can’t suppress, erase our individual differences, individual uniqueness. Any attempt to subdue, mess with personal or national identities will run into problems, inviting violent rebound reactions as we already know from history.

In order to build unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections - without which we can’t solve problems or survive in the global, interdependent world we exist in - we need to find such collective, common goals, purpose that is strong enough to offset, neutralize the ongoing, even growing differences.

The most important, primary such goal purpose is our collective Human survival. As the mounting, constantly worsening global problems show - especially in light of our reactions, “solutions” to the pandemic - if we try to solve problems, survive individually, nationally, mostly against others, we will inevitably fail.

Humanity - as one of Nature’s species - can only survive together, by learning and keeping Nature’s strict, unbreakable laws of integration, that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on.

When we secured our collective survival we will start to sense and comprehend the qualitatively much higher level of Human existence we can achieve, when we think, make decisions and act as a single, Human “super-organism”.