Building the perfect Human society

Question from the Internet:

“Is a perfect society feasible?”

A perfect society is not only feasible, but our collective human survival depends on building that perfect society.

Of course, the problem is, we do not know how such a perfect society should look like. After all, the whole of human history has been a constant and unsuccessful search, building project, trying to establish the best possible, sustainable, fair human society.

Through the helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles we see all possible permutations of ideologies, philosophies, religions, faith systems, political, social, and economic systems. And in the end, in our days we have failed even with the most promising, most attractive human system based on liberal, parliamentary democracy and free-market capitalism.

Our disappointing failures are not for no reason. With their help, with the vast amount of experience — if we are ready and willing — we can draw the right conclusions. We can finally recognize and humbly accept that the root cause of our failures is not found in the different ideologies, philosophies, and the various systems we have built. The root cause of all the failures and the increasingly realistic self-destruction we progress towards is our own, inherently selfish, egoistic, subjective, individualistic, and exploitative human nature.

It is our nature that has built, invented, created everything through history, including our own, present, aimless, insatiable consumerist society which has now reached a dead end.

The perfect society we are seeking is not found through our own intellect, knowledge, wisdom. The template of a perfect society — as any other template that helps us build something good and sustainable — is found in Nature.

In a perfect society — similarly to how our own biological body or any other closed, living, integrated system is organized — each individual — cell or human being — can find their irreplaceable, unique, crucially important, mutually responsible and mutually complementing role, contribution, while they also justly, proportionately receive everything they deserve and need to maintain that most optimal, crucially important, irreplaceable role, contribution towards the whole.

The fact that we have to build such a perfect society consciously, purposefully, methodically against and above our instincts, our inherently selfish, egotistic tendencies makes us Human beings above all other parts of Nature that are blindly, instinctively integrated with each other and Nature, fulfilling their roles automatically.

Our conscious adaptation to Nature’s perfectly balanced and integrated system through building a Nature-like Human society will make us Nature’s only conscious, integrated but interdependent observers and partners.