Building the environment that shapes us

Question from the Internet:

“How does the environment transform an individual? In contrast, how do individuals shape society? What are some examples?”

Many people say that a person is the product of one’s environment. After our genetic inheritance, upbringing and education, it is the environment that constantly shapes, influences us like an incubator.

We can see how different fashions, viral news, posts, popular ideologies, movements simply take us with them like a flood we can’t resist.

We can look back and see how today we accept things as “natural, self-understanding" that a few decades of even years ago we would have rejected, frowned upon.

Today this environment is purposefully manipulated, adjusted daily to direct the masses towards different agendas, goals. We truly live in a Matrix that determines every aspect of our lives.

Interestingly most people — even when they know they are manipulated — are content to stay in the Matrix as they are afraid of a life outside of what they know, got used to. At the same time this Matrix is fast sinking into crisis, spiraling out of control.

The only escape — for those who want — is forming a new, different environment that is based on completely different values, goals, aspirations, serving as the new incubator to shape, form, develop is towards me directions.

Since it is a small environment that needs to resist the all-encompassing influence of the general society it is very important that each member of such a unique, pioneer environment fulfills a dual role, on one hand placing oneself into the incubator as an embryo, on the other hand actively contributing to the building, strengthening of the incubator through absolute mutual responsibility, mutual guarantee towards the others.

Then such a new, positive, humane, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment can become a rescue boat for those others, who want to jump off the fast sinking Titanic of our general, global human society.