Building new foundations before the collapse

An opinion from the Internet on humanity’s inevitable collapse:

“Looking at our state today, it is inevitable that human society has to collapse. Mankind has basically taken the piss.

Do what you want, have what you want. Become what you wish. And that in itself is the problem. To move towards the end goal ‘We’ have done exactly what needed to be done to achieve global dominance. Not giving a hoot to the ramifications, whatsoever.

My guesstimate is that ‘We are ALL DOOMED! ‘. We aren’t able to reverse this in a Global rectifying way. We are seeing now that it’s inevitable that what WE have done is irreversible. We should be extremely concerned about OUR children's future on this planet that we ‘rent’.”

You are right! Whatever we built, whatever we have right now cannot survive as it is all against the laws of Nature.

But we are not doomed yet. While this “modern Roman empire” collapses we can already lay the foundations for a very different, sustainable, “Nature-like” new human society, so when the total helplessness, panic finally sets in globally people have the “rescue boats” they can jump into from the sinking Titanic.

We have the available method and we have a growing number of people who can comprise the necessary “critical mass” that will become the pioneers pulling humanity forward instead of sinking into a terrible, suffering, and war-filled vacuum.

It is a bit similar to what Isaac Asimov described in his Foundation books, instead of allowing humanity to descend into an unpredictable, very long, animalistic chaos we can shorten and sweeten the transition with those “foundations”, small “Nature-like”, mutually integrated human environments that will become the founding blocks of the new, better Human society.