Building a qualitatively much higher, collective human consciousness

Question from the Internet:

“How can collaboration and cooperation move us toward inclusive life?”

First of all, as we can see through the pandemic and all other pressing, seemingly unsolvable global problems, issues, we have evolved into a fully integrated and interdependent world.

It does not matter where problems start, what segment of life they relate to, sooner or later the whole world is involved and for true solutions we need to work together, trying to find mutual solutions for each other’s sake.

But this is exactly what we are utterly incapable of doing, as by default we are programmed to take care only of ourselves. Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and individualistic nature drives us towards ruthless competition, succeeding at each other’s expense, and in today’s integral system that makes us behave like cancer.

This is we will have no choice but to understand that if we want to solve the mounting global problems if we want to safeguard our collective survival — and there is only collective survival in a global world — we will need to build mutually responsible, mutually complementing collaboration above everything that rejects us from each other.

But after we secure our collective survival through such mutual cooperation, we will start to feel, recognize that by such collaboration we actually rise to a qualitatively much higher, collective human existence.

Just like in our biological bodies where individual cells merge, work together to create a higher consciousness we feel like our life, collective humanity that shifts existing as individual people into a unique, united human “superorganism” can build an unprecedented human collective intelligence, the consciousness we can all access, use.

Through that collective consciousness, we can experience and tangibly feel, enjoy an unlimited, perfect life that is liberated from all egoistic, subjective limitations of time, place, and physical motion.