Building a new Human society “from scratch”

Question from the Internet:

“It is my desire to positively get along with all of my fellow humans. Any ideas how I can best achieve it?”

You can achieve that by searching for similar minded people from all parts of life - you normally don’t have instinctive, familial connection, friendship with - that have the same inclination towards getting along with their fellow Humans.

Then build a closed, purposeful group with them with the goal of building a small society, where each person cares for the well-being of others ahead of inherently egocentric, selfish interest, calculations.

Then when the inherent ego in all of you start to reveal itself like a snake and resists, finds all kinds of excuses to stop, abandon this unique social experiment, use a special, highly practical educational method that was designed specifically for this purpose.

Then with the help of this method you will be able to build the new, “supernatural” (above inherent nature) mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections, cooperation - above and despite the ego’s increasing interference - which will become the solid, sustainable foundation of a new society where each and every member will positively get along with their fellow Humans, putting the ancient principle “love others as yourself” into practice.

Then as you reach similarity with Nature’s fully integrated system through the “Nature-like” connections between each other, you will suddenly attain, understand Nature’s system and its evolutionary plan “from within”, experiencing a completely new, qualitatively much higher, collective Human existence.