Building a civilization that will define us as Human

Question from the Internet:

“What is the definition of modern human civilization?”

The modern - especially the Western - human civilization is the peak of the instinctive, blindly egotistic, self-serving, exploitative human development.

It is the selfish, individualistic, insatiable human ego that differentiates human beings from other developed primates, fueling our incredible social, cultural, technological developments development until now - more precisely until a few decades ago.

But as we reached this peak and at the same time we crossed a threshold beyond which the egotistic, self-serving, overconsuming and ruthlessly competitive human system became self-destructive in Nature’s fully integrated, lawful system, we started to decline.

This decline - due to our incompatibility with Nature’s balanced, integral system - will inevitably continue until total collapse.

We can either wait for this total collapse and the intolerable suffering that comes with it through wars, economic crisis, natural catastrophes, mortal pandemics - or we can learn and accept how we can change ourselves and human relationships in order to build Nature-like, mutually integrated, mutually complementing interconections and cooperation for the sake of the whole humanity and the natural system.

Then we can avoid the seemingly inevitable collapse and raise ourselves to a qualitatively much higher, conscious, collective human existence. Then that civilization will define us as “truly Human" - above instinctive nature, consciously existing like Nature.