Breaking free of the physical Universe, while still existing in it

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readJun 6, 2023

Question from the Internet:

“In the context of today’s world order, is it possible for all of humanity to unite in the future, create a shared destiny, break free from our universe, and journey into the depths of the stars?”

In a way, what you describe is perfectly possible and doable.

And especially as a result of the present “world order” and the sense of seemingly inevitable and imminent self-destruction it will be possible to catapult ourselves into a quantitatively much higher and presently unimaginable life-experience that will feel as if “we broke free from our physical Universe and journey into a realm we do not know yet.”

Human development until now has been a blind and instinctive affair. The only thing that differentiated and drove human beings away and way past other developed primates is the unique “human ego.” Human beings are driven by an insatiable and ever-growing desire for more, we are motivated by an explosive urge to invent, to conquer, to accumulate and conquer everything possible for ourselves.

This is expressed through the incessant conflicts and wars of human history and through the excessive overconsumption and ruthless competition of modern society where everyone – knowingly or unknowingly – tries to survive and succeed at the expense of others and nature.

We would have never achieved our incredible and “breakneck speed” cultural, social and technological development without the urging pressure from our human ego. But at the same time, this human ego also made us exist and behave like cancer towards each other and nature, and now this human ego is pushing us towards self-destruction and extinction.

This already started awakening a unique and disturbing question about the “meaning and purpose of Human life” in many people. And many of these people already started searching through different methods and ancient wisdoms for answers. And most of these teachings and wisdoms talk and teach about humanity as a single, mutually integrated entity with a single destiny and future.

Most of these teachings and wisdoms – almost all of them millennia old – describe the whole Universe as a single system with humanity playing a unique role in the system. Most of these teachings and wisdoms remain mostly philosophical or even mystical. But especially one particular gives us an actual practical method to research how reality is built and how it is working and how human beings fit into it.

At the moment, we feel ourselves existing in this physical universe, but bound “Newtonian physics” with its time, space, movement and vectors. The advent of quantum physics already gave us a hint, that reality might not work completely according to this strictly defined, Newtonian system. Modern science introduced many convoluted and complicated theories and formulas to try to explain and understand the increasingly glaring differences between how we sense ourselves and the world, and the reality quantum physics and some other observations point at.

One of the unique ancient methods – a special empirical natural science – explains that what locks us into sensing ourselves in this seemingly physical Universe with its “Newtonian” coordinates and vectors is our inherentlu egocentric, subjective and individualistic nature. Due to this nature, we observe, measure and experience everything from a limited and distorted, 100% egocentric, subjective and individualistic viewpoint. And since our whole life is spent through trying to gain ever-growing pleasures and happiness for ourselves while escaping from any actual or feared pain and suffering, we need to coordinates of time, space and motion to calculate and assess our states.

But the actual, real “Universe” does not work like that. In the actual reality – that is singular, all-encompassing, perfectly balanced and fulfilled – there is no time, space or motion the way we understand or seemingly experience. The real Universe is not built on selfish and egocentric reception of pleasures, where individuals spend all their time at fulfilling and justifying themselves, where the existence of the individual self is above all.

In actual reality – just like in nature, when we learn how to observe nature’s finely balanced and mutually integrated system – each element exist only for the sake of the whole system, each element selflessly and unconditionally serving the whole system without any care for themselves since they instinctively and blindly “know” that the system cares for them as long as they remain fully integrated and mutually complementing elements of the system.

As the unique empirical science explains, human beings are capable of consciously and purposefully attain “true reality”, the Universe as it truly exist, above and against our original perception and consciousness.

All we have to do is learning and practicing how to exit our inherently egocentric, subjective and individualistic bubbles that give us this false sense of physical reality with its time, space and motion. Instead, we can learn how to sense and experience reality through the desires, thoughts and viewpoints of other people, practicing selflessly and unconfditionally serving others in special, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environments until we completely forget about our own needs and existence.

Through such mutual coexistence and mutual cooperation, we can gradually develop and attain a completely new, selfless and objective, collective consciousness and composite perception of reality. This will elevate us above sensing time, space and motion as if it was actual reality. We will rise above our “self-existence” and bodily sensations so much, that even physical life or death won’t affect us any longer.

And this true and tangible sense of existence is possible to attain even while we still, seemingly exist through our physical, biological bodies in this “physical Universe”. And then as our new perception and consciousness develops the sensation of this physical reality will fade into the background, without the need to experience physical death.

Thus it is indeed possible the break free of this physical Universe through a special, purposeful unity and mutual integration between people. We just need the right method and the conscious and willing decision that this is what we want to achieve and that we are willing to forfeit our inherently selfish, egocentric and individualistic sense of existence for it.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.