“Brave New World”, or adapting to Nature’s integration?

Question from the Internet:

“Who wants to start a new world?”

We do not need to start a “new world”, we need to learn how to adapt ourselves to the world we exist in.

Human beings are not some “standalone creatures” that can build a world as they like. We are integral parts of Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system, governed by the same laws as any other part of the system.

For millennia — driven by our inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic, and exploitative nature — we have been trying to build a “human world” that is opposite to, incompatible with Nature’s laws that sustain the general balance and homeostasis life depends on.

In our generation, this incompatibility — due to excessive overconsumption, the ruthless competition, our efforts to succeed, survive at the expense of others and Nature — has reached such a level, that we are on the threshold of self-destruction — which we can initiate at any moment from multiple causes in multiple locations.

Thus instead of recklessly, stubbornly, and blindly trying to build another “brave new world”, we need to learn how to follow Nature’s laws of integration and adapt ourselves to the Natural system through mutually integrating with each other.