Question from the Internet:

Have we really attained a truly borderless world? Explain your opinion.

In truth, we have always been existing in a borderless world, as Nature — we are born from and still exist in — is a single, totally integrated, interdependent system.

We created borders, separation as a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and subjective nature finding all kinds of differences, separation between people to the extent that today even families can’t function.

At least now, that even our artificial human system has become globally integrated and interdependent we are finally seeing and soon understanding that we are a single Human “superorganism” where we are all but single cells in, that have to cooperate in a mutually responsible and mutually complementing way.

Everything depends only on our viewpoint, perception of reality, on how much we can rise above our inherently limited, distorted, egocentric, and subjective viewpoint. When we do so, we will see reality as it is, in its complete perfection.