“Being Human” is not automatic, we have to develop ourselves to become “truly Human”

Question from the Internet:

An anonymous quote says, “There is a lot of difference between human beings and being human.” What is your own perspective based on this view point?

I fully agree with this quote.

Human beings are born with a hidden, initially unfulfilled potential to become “truly Human”. Contrary to other beings in Nature’s system that are the “finished products” by birth and as a result remain unchanged for millions of years while evolution continues, Human beings are born “raw, unfinished”.

We are given a unique chance to use an unparalleled free choice and at a certain point of Human development take our evolution into our own hands, developing, creating the “truly Human being” by our own efforts, consciously.

This is why Humans are born opposite to Nature, incompatible with Nature’s life giving qualities of selfless altruism, unconditional service of others, the system, as we are born with an inherently egocentric, subjective, self-serving and exploitative program.

Thus at a certain point, when we recognise how our inherent program leads to inevitable self-destruction - which point we reached in our generation - we need to shift from the previous blind, instinctive, cancer-like development to a conscious, purposeful one.

This is why today - specifically in the desperate helplessness, apathy, frustration we find ourselves today - we need a unique purposeful and practical educational method which can teach us how we can adjust, upgrade ourselves to become “truly Human” - similar to Nature.

And as we achieve this by our own effort, fully consciously, we will become the “crown of evolution”, Nature’s rightful, fully aware, benevolent partners.