Being Human has nothing to do with our biology

Question from the Internet:

“Is everything about human beings biology?”

Our biology does not make us Human at all. Our DNA is almost identical with many other animals, in relation to our biological bodies we are simply animals like all others.

The Human being — symbolized with the Hebrew translation of “Human” (Adam) originating from the expression “similar” — is a unique, selfless, objective observer that becomes Nature’s conscious, independent witness and partner by acquiring similar qualities to Nature’s.

This similarity to Nature is acquired through purposefully, methodically built Human interconnections with other people where each person chooses to selflessly, unconditionally serve the others above and against the instinctive egocentric self-love, self-service.

By that, we build a connection network between us that resembles Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system.

And through that similarity, we reach that independent, conscious observer status mentioned above.