Before we can organize a perfect community, first we need to recognize our inherent nature

Question from the Internet:

“What are your best traits that you consider as your advantages in the field of community organizing?”

In order to organize community properly, and to become able to build mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation between people, both the organizers and those comprising the community need to be able to act selflessly, altruistically above and against inherent selfish, egotistic interest.

In order for people to act selflessly, altruistically, without any selfish, egotistic interest first they need to recognize that they are unable to act such a way, as we are all born with an inherently egocentric, subjective nature that makes us make all calculations only for ourselves.

This recognition of our true, original nature — which is not a sin, it is not evil or a mistake since we are born that way — is the most difficult problem to overcome, as most people honestly believe that they are able to act without selfish, egotistic calculations interest. Recognizing our true nature usually requires dramatic, “life or death” conditions or a specific, purposeful method in the right, conducive environment.

As soon as we find a critical mass of people who are willing to look into a “brutally honest” mirror to recognize the desires, intentions, calculations that truly drive them, the rest is “easy”. We have the unique, purposeful, and practical educational method that can help us learn how to act above and against our inherent reflexes, instincts, reactions in order to build the perfect, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing community.