Attaining the source of the Universe by fine-tuning, upgrading ourselves

An opinion from the Internet about duality in Nature and attaining the source of a deterministic evolution:

“I believe that chaos is embedded in evolution as it is in all-natural phenomena, just as natural order is. That is the yin and the yang. And that is where beauty springs from. Chaos implies order, as order implies chaos. Just as pleasure implies pain or good implies evil.”

If evolution is a predetermined process, exactly what or who determined it?”

I agree with you that we perceive reality within contrasts, and reality is based on two opposite forces that maintain a dynamic balance that brings about life. Anything in existence presumes the existence of its opposite, everything is defined by its opposite.

Thus order necessitates chaos against it. Our problem is that we are not able to perceive complete, contrasting opposites at the same time as by default we can only grasp, hold onto a single phenomenon.

Moreover, since we perceive everything through our inherently egocentric, subjective perception — based on a “sweet/bitter”, “pleasure/pain” calculation — we constantly try to suppress, erase whatever we deem unpleasant, negative, “bad” from our own introverted point of view, further reducing our perceiving ability.

Our Human purpose in life — with the unique Human intellect, inquisitive nature we were given by evolution — is to improve our consciousness, perception ability beyond the simple, “mono-viewpoint”, flat, egocentric, subjective mode to an unlimited, “multi-viewpoint”, selfless and objective consciousness, perception.

Then we will be able to detach ourselves from the very limited, distorted viewpoint and start researching and understanding reality “as it is”, with all of its cause and effect processes, and map the plan of evolution with our own predetermined role in it.

Only then will we acquire the ability — both intellectually and emotionally to grasp such concepts where evolution originates from, what is its purpose. There have been unique, empirical scientists through many generations who achieved this capability, who wrote books and devised a method for us that can help each Human being to reach that ability.

But from a philosophical point of view, we assume that “one cannot give what one does not have”, meaning if, for example, Human beings have certain abilities which obviously we ourselves did not create in ourselves, such abilities, qualities have to come from somewhere.

Since we have the ability to plan ahead and act purposefully and we constantly try to find order and direction, laws, and formulas in everything, that points to a system, source which has the same abilities, qualities, characteristics we received such very high, complex abilities, qualities from. We are the consequences of an evolutionary process, there is nothing in us that originates in us.

Everything we have, we are capable of comes from Nature’s evolution. This is what the symbolic principle of “being created to the image of our source” actually means. From the qualities we ourselves have — and we only scratch the surface about what desires, forces, intentions, abilities drive us, make us tick — we can presume and later prove what qualities, forces, abilities, intentions are in the system that gave us life.

By getting to know ourselves better we can actually get to know the system around us, we can understand the purpose and the source of all. Without going too far, we have to acquire the same qualities, primary intentions in Nature, clothing ourselves into them above the egocentric, selfish qualities we are born with — most of all into selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love of others — in order to start comprehending the Natural system that is built on those qualities. This will give us the above mentioned dual viewpoint, consciousness required for objective perception of reality.

Even the most developed sciences like quantum physics, cosmology have arrived at such theories, conclusions by observing Natural reality and its phenomena, that the whole Universe is a thought and it has a deterministic plan, a purpose we cannot yet detect, comprehend.

This is where usually religions draw a line and go no further. But the above mentioned empirical scientists gave us the method to go further and obtain the ability to search for this intelligent origin and detect it, understand it by changing, fine-tuning ourselves until our own perceiving ability, consciousness — which we have to build collectively — reaches the ability to attain, comprehend such an entity, force.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.