Attaining our “true selves” and reality “as it is.”

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readSep 27


Question from the Internet:

“Why does humanity have a challenging time recognizing the subtle aspects of reality?”

We can’t recognize the subtle aspects of reality as long as our perception of reality is limited and distorted.

And, by default, our perception of reality is highly limited and distorted since it is inherently and 100% egocentric and subjective. We do not see reality “as it is.”

From an absolute reality — if there is such a thing at all, we do not know yet — we probe, attain, filter, and use only what is useful and effective for our incessant and 100% self-serving and self-justifying “pleasure/pain” calculations and aspirations.

There are many studies and life experiences proving that when two people look at and experience the same “reality” and events, their accounts are completely different since they notice only what is important for them, what they can use for their own benefit and pleasure.

“In truth,” we all live in a “Matrix” that our own qualities and aspirations project around us. We do not see objects, people, or events; we see what “we want to see”, or more precisely, what our ego — constantly serving and justifying itself — shows us.

If we want to see the “subtle aspects of reality,” if we want to attain reality at all, if we want to research and verify if there is an “absolute and objective” reality, we would need to completely recalibrate how to perceive and experience reality and ourselves.

In order to do so, we would need to escape our inherently and 100% egocentric, subjective, and individualistic “caves” and start perceiving and experiencing reality “outside of our selves.” In fact, only by escaping who we think we are by default can we find our true “selves.”

Where can we escape “out of ourselves”? How can we exist in a selfless vacuum?

We can escape ourselves through each other!

We can learn and practice how to perceive and experience reality through the desires, thoughts, and viewpoints of others while we discard our own feelings, thoughts, and viewpoints. We need to learn and practice a lifestyle where all our aspirations, actions, and intentions will be only about how to feel the desires, thoughts, and viewpoints of others in order to fulfill their desires and needs as perfectly as possible, without any inherently egocentric, subjective, and self-serving bias.

Of course, this works only in a unique environment, where each person commits and devotes oneself to learning and practicing all the above, each dedicating themselves to serve and love only others while absolutely “dissolving and disappearing” into others.

If each member of such an environment acts and exists according to 100% mutual responsibility, becoming each other’s “guarantors” to help one another towards this new kind of Human existence, where each exists and acts only for the sake of others, this environment transforms into a “human incubator” where each member becomes like an embryo, developing towards becoming “truly Human,,” while each member also becomes an active and responsible part and element of the “incubator,” proactively, consciously and devotedly helping and serving all the others.

Then, such an environment generates a “love” we simply cannot comprehend and feel by default, through our original, egocentric, selfish, and subjective nature, where “love” is also just another way of serving and fulfilling ourselves.

This “true or natural” love we can generate in the above environment is similar to the “love” operates by, where all comprising elements exist for and serve each other and the whole system. This “natural love” is capable of creating and nurturing life, while our original, selfish “love” only suffocates and kills.

When we already exist through this “true and natural” love and become like healthy cells of a single, living organism, we also generate a unique, singular “collective consciousness” and “composite perception of reality” between us by each contributing one’s own viewpoint, angle and consciousness. It is this totally selfless and unconditionally serving and loving “entity” that becomes our “true self.”

It is through this “collective consciousness” and “composite or holographic” perception of reality that we will be able to attain reality “as it is,” with all of its subtle aspects, sensing and enjoying reality’s perfection and totality.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.