Attaining “higher logic”

Question from the Internet:

“What logic is rarely known by many people?”

Our own logic — everybody’s — is based on our inherently egocentric, subjective, limited perception of reality and self-serving, self-justifying consciousness.

Thus we do not understand, know the logic of others, and we have no idea about some absolute, standard, general logic, reason, a template that could help us succeed in life.

In order to acquire such a truthful, standard, general logic, reason, intellect, first of all, we would need to rise above our present egocentric, subjective logic, intellect so we could establish a clean sheet, where a new logic, the reason could be imprinted upon.

It is like rebooting a computer, installing new operating software, or more precisely upgrading a new software on top of the old one that cannot be deleted.

Then in the duality between the old, limited, distorted software and the new, truthful, objective software we can start exploring and fully understanding the reality around us.

This is possible through a unique scientific, educational method in a specifically, purposefully organized, conducted environment, where we can first establish the “clean sheet” by rising above our present logic, and then we can “download” the new upgrade, a higher logic — which is basically Nature’s systemic viewpoint on reality — through the same environment with the same method.