At this stage we know nothing, but we can get to know everything

Question from the Internet:

“Do we, humans, truly have ALL answers to life’s questions? Do we truly know everything?”

At the moment we know almost nothing. All the knowledge we have, everything we attend, built so far is through our inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, prescription of reality.

As a result, we study in an illusory Human bubble we consider real. So far it seemed as if we could get away with this “Human foreign body” in Nature's otherwise perfectly integrated system, but in our generation evolution stated to pressure is to develop towards compatibility with Nature.

Suddenly all our knowledge counts for nothing. All our philosophies, ideologies, systems and sciences slip through our fingers. With each new “solution” we just make our problems even worse, sinking ever deeper into crisis.

If we needed any further proof we received it from the pandemic. Leaders, experts and the public and are standing “with our pants down”, desperately helpless, while our incompatibility with Nature is also expressed through the socioeconomic crisis as Nature dismantles it.

We can't continue with the original egocentric, subjective viewpoint, and we can't continue pursuing a system that breaks Nature's laws that sustain the fragile balance and homeostasis life depends on.

In order to “know everything”, and to have all the answers, first we need to change, upgrade our consciousness, perception of reality in order to reach similarity of qualities with Nature.

Then through that similarity we can access and “download” all the knowledge, blueprints, solutions that are found in Nature's infinite wisdom.