At the threshold of Human uniqueness

Question from the Internet:

“What are some behaviors unique to humans?”

Humans are very unique in Nature’s system. Only Humans have a special self-awareness, sensing themselves as unique, individual, standalone creatures, seemingly independent from each other and the rest of Nature.

Our egocentric, individualistic, subjective consciousness, perception of reality disconnected us from Nature’s otherwise fully integrated, interdependent system - at least from our own introverted point of view.

Thus on one hand we think we can do whatever we want, we can invent our own laws, principles, systems even if they are against, violating Nature’s fundamental laws sustaining the balance and homeostasis life depends on.

On the other hand - contrary to other animals - we don’t feel Nature’s all-inclusive “circle of life”, mutual guarantee that perfectly cares for all of its parts, elements. We sense ourselves in a hostile, “dog eat dog” world where we have to ruthlessly, exclusively compete, fight for day to day survival.

As a result of the above we are finding ourselves in an complete, seemingly irreversible dead-end.

This is all purposeful from Nature’s evolution. Only from this disconnected, opposite, outsider state can we consciously, purposefully develop, achieve our unique, evolutionary Human purpose in the system, to become Nature’s unparalleled, fully aware, objective “insider observers/witnesses”.

And the very sharp, desperately helpless dead-end can awaken, initiate a connection new direction, approach at least in a so-called critical mass of people, who can start a new chapter in Human history.

As the above mentioned role, purpose requires a unique, specifically Human duality - being consciously, seamlessly integrated into the system while retaining a degree of independence - it wouldn’t have been possible without being born opposite, outside of the system first.

It is upon our own, unique generation — called “the last generation” — to start the last - this time conscious - phase of development, rising above the previous blind, instinctive, egocentric evolution to consciously, methodically integrate into Nature.