At the end of humanity’s childhood

Question from the Internet:

“What was life like when it was all about excess and nobody worried about the environment?”

It is part of growing up. In childhood everything is about quantitative growth, trying to play with everything possible, getting everything we want.

The “American Dream” was the peak of our human childhood.

Now we are confronted by the natural reality, that when the person grows up, the same unlimited, reckless growth the is necessary for a child to grow becomes cancer when one is an adult.

Nature is telling us on multiple frequencies, through multiple crisis situations — as everything we ever built slips through our fingers — that our childhood is over and now we have to switch to a different development. Whether we want it or not, we will have to shift from the blind, instinctive, egotistic, cancer-like quantitative growth to a conscious, selfless, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing qualitative growth — measures by the quantity and quality of our integration, interconnections, cooperation.

Only this way can we adapt ourselves to Nature’s vast, infinitely more powerful integral system in order to learn about and fulfill our predetermined evolutionary Human role in the system.

Everything that happened until now was merely preparation, a prelude to a truly Human development above and against our instinctive ego, in order to become Nature’s only conscious, independent but integrated observers and equal partners.

We will get there either willingly, proactively, methodically, or as a result of increasing blows and intolerable suffering “convincing us”.