Are there truly too many people in the world?!

Question from the Internet:

“Will humans ever admit there are too many of us?”

But are we truly too many?!

How do we know how much is enough?!

Is it not possible that it is not the number of people but the consumption-footprint of each of us that is too much? Moreover, more and more studies suggest that population growth will peak very soon and then it will start declining naturally.

Why are we happy to “cull” the Human population in all kinds of artificial ways instead of reducing our consumption-footprint?!

Is that something to do with our insatiable, “cancer-like” nature that thrives on endlessly accumulating resources for the self while succeeding at the expense of others and Nature?!

So then would not be better to consciously, methodically adjust harness, upgrade our inherent nature — through the proper education without coercion, through positive motivation — rather than thinking how to forcefully reduce Human population?!