Are the “human rights” we keep pursuing useful at all?!

Question from the Internet:

“Can human rights be used to solve the problems in the world (inequality, gender equality, racial issues, etc.)?”

The problem is with our present “human rights” that they are based on our inherently egocentric, subjective, and individualistic nature, as if “I had rights on my own”.

As Nature is gradually teaching us through the mounting global problems we cannot solve — like the pandemic, climate change, collapsing socio-economic system, and other threatening problems — we are integral parts of Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system.

We have to consider ourselves as individual cells of the same living organism — humanity — which is also embedded into Nature’s body as one of its organs.

Thus the individual freedom, individual rights we dream about, fight for are simply illusions of our inherent egos. And the more we fight for them the deeper we dig ourselves into crisis.

Our only true right as human beings is that contrary to other elements of Nature we received the chance to consciously learn and implement how to positively, mutually, and selflessly integrate with each other — each finding their own, unique, irreplaceable, and crucially important role, purpose — in human society and in turn within Nature’s system.