Any positive changes need to start “from below”, from the grassroots

Question from the Internet:

“What will it take for the political leaders to change their mindset from ego system to awareness to ecosystem reality?”

There is absolutely no hope that the present leaders or experts can change their minds, or make a decision to shift from a ego-driven system to a more altruistic, mutually responsible, mutually complementing system.

We are all born with an inherently egotistic, selfish, exploitative nature and those who end up as leaders, famous experts are the most selfish, egotistic, exploitative among us. Thus, especially when they come to power, they become so locked into that self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric lobby driven state that they lose any free choice, they are the most enslaved to our own Pharaoh, to our insatiable, all-powerful ego.

Thus changes need to start from below, from the grassroots from people who still have some free choice in changing their own nature as they do not have such strong connection to power or money.

Even these people need a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method for changing their own nature and rise above, act against their egos, and they need a clear desire, willingness to change themselves as no changes can be applied successfully with coercion or misleading propaganda.

Only by changing ourselves and as a result building a Nature-like, mutually complementing, mutually responsible human society can we become similar to Nature and thus understand how the ecosystem works and how we can actively help in sustaining the balance and homeostasis in it.