An uncertain transition

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readApr 18, 2020


Human history is, on one hand, the chronicle of the ever-growing, intensifying Human ego — as we have become increasingly individualistic, demanding, exploitative, excessively consuming — while as a result, we have been stumbling through blind, recurring, vicious, historic cycles.

Each time we started building a new civilization, Human socio-economic system we built it on the ruins of the previous one that collapsed with some form of civilization-ending explosion. But every time when that explosive end was closing on us, we already had a vague or even concrete idea how the next Human system should be like.

Thus when one civilization collapsed we immediately started building the new one with clear blueprints, ideologies, structures.

In our times the situation is different.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, our own present civilization was already nearing its end with multiple options for an explosion to draw the curtains on us. The virus “mercifully” stopped us in the 11th hour giving us a chance for review, as if stopping the movie before its inevitably Shakespearean end, so perhaps we can revise the script.

The problem is that contrary to the previous shifts this time we have absolutely no idea where we should be shifting from here. With the liberal, parliamentary democracy and free-market capitalism, our last system was/is based on, we have exhausted all possible options for ideologies, Human systems. We can see that it does not matter who we elect, whether we go left or right, we end up with the same results: all-encompassing crisis.

And while some now try to steer their nations towards negative nationalism (uniting people based on hate) or socialism, communism, we already know they do not offer anything better.

The problem is not with the ideologies or systems. The problem is that our whole previous development, that was based on using, following the inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy Human ego has completely exhausted itself. This ego in its maximum form it has reached in our generation has become as self-destructive unfruitful as cancer since its operation and whatever we build by it is incompatible with Nature’s altruistic, fully integrated and interdependent system, where life is maintained, promoted by a fragile balance and homeostasis we constantly break, threaten with our inherent program.

Thus in order to start solving our increasing and global problems and safeguard our collective survival as Human species, we would need to become similar to Nature, build Human society on Nature’s template. But that is absolutely contradictory to the nature, program we are born with!

It is not only that unity, mutual connections, cooperation, focusing on the wellbeing of the collective instead of making selfish, subjective calculations all the time is revolting, unacceptable! We do not even know what such notions mean since we never had any experience with truly selfless, altruistic mutual connection, existence!

Even the mother’s love towards her baby is instinctive, programmed by nature as the mother considers her baby as her own part even after giving birth. Thus we have absolutely no idea, the precedence of “loving another as ourselves”, building unconditionally, mutually serving, supporting connections. But without it, we won’t survive since Nature’s laws sustaining balance and homeostasis — that are obligatory for us too — are unbending, “iron laws”. There is no appeal, shortcut with natural laws, either we keep them or we do not and if we do not we “punish ourselves” by jeopardizing our own survival.

We find ourselves in a very dramatic state that is described vividly in a symbolic fashion in the story of the Exodus at the scene where the escaping Hebrew slaves (people enslaved to their inherent egos) find themselves on the shores of the Red Sea, with the stormy waters (the prospect of shifting to a selfless, altruistic Human paradigm that feels like suffocating to the inherent ego) ahead, and the army, chariots of the Pharaoh (the ego) behind.

Though our egoistic inclination would like to pull us back to Egypt, we already know that by stubbornly trying tp resuscitate our dying, egotistic Human system we will sooner or later self-destruct, which notion was made even clearer, sharper by the pandemic.

Thus we have no other option but to start marching towards the unattractive unknown, through the “sea” (accepting the necessity of changing our inherently egotistic, exploitative, selfish program to a selfless, altruistic, collective one).

This is possible only if there are already brave pioneers, who understand that turning back is impossible, that we have to reach at least a certain similarity with Nature’s template in order to survive. If this “critical mass” minority, these pioneers possess a unique, purposeful and practical educational method that can facilitate the necessary, fundamental self-changes in a positive, non-coercive way, then they could lead the rest of Humanity towards a new, safer, more sustainable, collective future.

The common goal of mutual survival can elevate people above their differences, instinctive distrust and animosity helping them to unite. This is the first step. But then as through the learned and implemented mutual interactions, the cooperation we become increasingly similar to Nature’s system, we will start unlocking Nature’s infinite, perfect database, the natural resources we could not even imagine before as long as we tried exploring the system around us with selfish, exploitative intentions.

As a result, as we enter and explore the Natural system and start flowing with its life-flow with the help of our increasing similarity with it (by our mutual Human integration) we will find that the previously unattractive, even revolting, tasteless paradigm of selfless, altruistic, mutual, unconditionally serving Human system, connection network is actually a “Land filled with milk and honey”.

Thus we have to make the wise, “educated” choice now, standing at the shores of the Red Sea, facing that uncertain, seemingly unattractive “other side” opposite to selfish Egoism.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.