An evolutionary breakthrough in Human development

Question from the Internet:

“Is it possible for humans to disagree and not call each other names or fight? If so, how?”

It is possible through the right education, through the right practical method.

First of all, we need to understand that we are all completely different, uniquely individual and that we are also all egocentric and subjective.

Thus we will never be able to understand each other, we can’t really agree on anything and we also can’t convince each other as one can never see, accept the viewpoint of another as long as we remain as we are.

When we clearly established this, then we can start consciously, methodically work on how to build a “neutral zone”, an area above and against our inherent tendencies, instincts and work together.

In that area we find and use such common notions, problems, goals that are mutual and equally important for all of us, that can balance out the differences, diversity.

With the help of such common goals, purposes we can even recruit and use our inherent diversity, the unique talents, abilities each represents, finding the right place, a role for each other.

Then slowly we will become like the original single-cell organisms that “decided” to unite and form multi-cellular organisms for the sake of very clear evolutionary advantage hundreds of millions of years ago.

And then, when we established such positive, mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation for the clear, collective advantage of improved problem-solving, facilitating collective human survival, we will start to sense a qualitatively much higher, so far incomprehensible sense of collective existence through a new collective consciousness, collective intellect comparable to how we experience life now instead of experiencing it on the level of s single cell in our body.

Then this higher sense of truly Human life will balance the contradicting forces of separation and connection, hate and love we experience in our connections, providing us with a sense of existence that is beyond any egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space, or physical motion.