America’s choice, and building the “perfect world” from the grassroots

Opinion from the Internet about the American elections and Globalization:

“I totally agree with your theory of a perfect world, where Globalization is used in a fair, mutually responsible, mutually complementing way.
The problem is that the Democrats for example want total control over us.
They believe that they know best and should have total control.
And yes you are right, at the moment Globalization is used selfishly, egotistically and as a result is not fair and just.
You just have to watch the Democrats on TV to see the proof of my statement.
Take care and have a good day.”

From the viewpoint of politics, I fully agree with you, and as a non-American, I can only hope that the American people will have the awareness and bravery to choose the less scary, less threatening choice again from the 2 presently available choices.

What we observed in the last 4 years was an unprecedented, inciting, hateful propaganda machinery from the Democrats and the media, entertainment industry, celebrity hoards serving them, brainwashing not only America but the whole world in a way, that puts Goebbels’s Nazi propaganda and the Communist Russia propaganda to shame!

People are talking about division, a potential civil war in the US right now, well, the Democrats openly, unashamedly started dividing the country, declared civil war right after the last election with their “resistance” movement against the democratically elected President.

But the real problem is even deeper than politics or economy.

Regardless of who is elected in the US or anywhere else our fate, the establishment of the “perfect world” you referred to depends on each Human being undergoing fundamental self-changes through unique education, changing people from making selfish calculations only for their own sake, to making selfless calculations for the sake of everybody through positive motivation, positive examples without any oppression, coercion or misleading propaganda.

And this won’t come from “the top”, those who are in leadership positions in the world today - regardless of their “side”, color, ideology, nationality, or culture - can’t even comprehend what changes we need to go through, they have no education, preparation for such concepts as “calculations for others, carrying for the benefit of the whole”.

Thus the true changes need to come from below, from the grassroots.

We need to learn how to build unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation above everything that separates, rejects people from each other, otherwise, we won’t survive even beyond this generation!


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.