AI or Collective Human Intelligence?!

AI limited by is creator

Many people are wondering whether with an effective AI we could have solved the pandemic much earlier, better then we did so far?

I have to say we are a “bit” obsessed with AI, mostly confused by Hollywood.

Nothing can surpass its creator, thus a robot, computer can only excel to the level of the mind that programmed it.

And since we are programming AI with our very limited and distorted egocentric, subjective mind, AI can’t go beyond our own limitations. Maybe it can calculate more and faster but that doesn’t help us in our situation - being stuck in an illusiory, false reality created by our own egocentric, subjective mind.

We need to build a new, collective Human intelligence

Instead of AI we need something much more unique and potent.

We need an unprecedented, mutual, collective Human intelligence.

This would be the result of a special “network computing” between people in a closed environment, where these people build mutual connections based on total self-annulment towards one another, perceiving reality selflessly and thus purely, objectively through each other’s thoughts, desires, viewpoints.

It is this collective Human intelligence that is capable of achieving true quantum computing, accessing, researching reality above the efficiently, subjective limitations of time, space, physical motion, whole seamlessly integrating into Nature’s perfect system through similarity.
Then we can effortlessly access, download from Nature’s infinite database, using is blueprints, solutions without any boundaries.

Any mutual responsibility, cooperation is better than none!

And this is not mysticism, science fiction, but a true, tangible, scientific reality we can reach through the appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method.

But even if we just had a minimal level of “network computing”, a certain degree of morally responsible and mutually complementing global cooperation during this pandemic, we could have solved, mitigated it much more effectively than we did through our blind, instinctive, egocentric, individualistic, uncoordinated reactions, “solutions”!




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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

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