After the pandemic: Instinctive, instinctive distrust, isolation, animosity, or “illogical”, conscious connection, mutual cooperation?

There are many conspiracy theories about the origin, the purpose of the Coronavirus, nations are pointing at China, China is pointing at other nations, accusations fly, lawsuits are prepared, and one predictable outcome from all of this is increasing separation, isolation, surveillance, restrictions, cybersecurity — overall a tense world descending into a global “Cold War” state.

Although I do not know if the virus came naturally or from a lab purposefully, this is the predictable, “logical” reaction that will unfold after the dust settles. After all the reactions, “solutions” to the crisis were also individualistic, nationalistic, all for themselves, surviving at the expense of others. Vey limited cooperations, mutual help started only very recently, probably too late to make any true difference.

This is our instinctive nature, the complete distrust of others, incessantly scheming, trying to outdo, humiliate, defeat others proving ourselves better, stronger, greater, more successful while others fail, lose. We know how the Obama administration spied on everyone all around the world and inside America, how they destabilized the Middle-East. And all other nations — great or small — do the same, even if on the surface they sign agreements, build alliances, “unions” — those are all false.

The virus — by locking ourselves into our own houses, countries simply showed us who we are, how we actually live life — all alone at the expense of others.

The “problem” is that in this way life is impossible. Nature — the system we are born from and still exist in — is fully integrated, interdependent. Contrary to our proud, stubborn belief in our independence we can’t go against Nature’s “iron laws” governing balance and homeostasis.

As the constantly deepening global crisis and the failures through this pandemic also show, we are all locked into the same system, we are all sitting on the same boat. And with our efforts to try drilling holes underneath each other, trying to “cut our own piece” off the boat we all endanger this common boat that is already sinking and as a result, we will all drown!

Thus we have to path ahead: one is the instinctive one, isolating ourselves from each other, trying to go ‘all alone”, living at the expense of each other, building towards inevitable wars. Then we will go through increasing, each time more serious suffering until the pain becomes so intolerable that we will have no other choice but to unite and try surviving together — against our will.

Or, we could consciously, proactively study and accept the natural laws that dictate life in reality, and start adapting, upgrading ourselves until we will become able to build the crucially important, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, interconnections — against and above our selfish, egotistic, hateful instincts.

Then we will be able to save our common boat and also learn how to plot the right path ahead, working together above our differences, recruiting, harnessing our diversity and individual, national qualities, abilities for the sake of the whole, global collective.

I very much hope that we are wise enough to choose this second option before it is too late!