Adjusting to “Globalization”

Whenever we talk about “globalization” it is very important to mention, understand that “globalization” is not something man-made.

“Globalization” - existing in a globally integrated, fully interdependent system is an evolutionary necessity.

We evolved into a global world as otherwise we wouldn’t be compatible with Nature’s fully integrated system and the plan of Natural evolution driving the system towards a final, most optimal integration.

We developed our technology, the present economic, financial systems and other elements of Human society in response to this evolutionary process.

But since we still try to use “globalization” in our inherently selfish, individualistic, exploitative way, we give “globalization” a bad name.

Thit is not the system that’s faulty, we are not using it properly, this is why we are stumbling from crisis to crisis while making the life of the majority a misery.

On the long run we have no other options but to adapt ourselves to “globalization” following Nature’s template, consciously, proactively and methodically learning how to integrate with each other and through that with Nature.

Then we will start to open, draw the true, maximum benefits of the global, integral system which will benefit all.