Accessing true power safely

We exist in a world where those who wield power misuse it for their own benefit almost without exception. Thus one wonders what would happen if people could get access to even greater, Natural power?

Fortunately we exist in a “failsafe system”, where only those can approach and use true power who are suitable to use it as intended without misuse.

We don’t know what is true power yet.

What we call “power” in this world - regardless of what positive or negative actions, influences people achieve through it - is simply “kid’s stuff”.

Moreover now that our artificial, unsustainable Human system is collapsing those “powerful ones” who seemingly lead, dictate (openly or hidden) our societies will lose their power as well.

The only true power in reality is found in Nature’s system.

And Nature proves this time and time again - last through the pandemic — when our proud, advanced system, and our technology fails, falls like “house of cards”.

If we want to acquire real power we would need to access Nature’s “inner force-field” that sustains life and drives the evolutionary process.

But the most fundamental law in Nature - law of equivalence - means that we can only access this power when we achieve equivalence with its character, qualities.

And since Nature’s fundamental force-field is characterized by selfless, altruistic, unconditionally service, only those who purposefully, methodically become similar to this force-field - themselves being characterized by selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving (above and against the inherently selfish, egocentric Human nature) - can wield its power.

And by definition they would only use that power for positive, constructive purposes, for the sake of others. The moment they wanted to use it for egocentric, selfish goals, profit, they would immediately lose the ability to access, use it.

Thus the most powerful, “omnipotent” people in this world are those who selflessly, altruistically use their awesome ability, wielding Nature’s single, all-encompassing force for the sake of everybody else!