A unique, gradual, methodical shift in Human development

An opinion from the Internet concerning Humanity’s shift to a mutually cooperating, integral development:

Well, if you consider our nature here with us, then I’d say; of course, we would have to start from the very end last one, to then backtrack, and get to the beginning, to then end it with a compromise. The issue I see here is that everyone then would have to be on the same page for, therefore the same level. Of course, all sounds great if just were, but still unrealistic; at least when it comes to our’s delayed current advanced times.


-it is as simple as Do Not Judge. If just some of us weren’t to just to, that would’ve of for sure been a very good start point; being the bigger person, by being the last! without haven to rely on mutual-acceptance first, in order to! neither haven’t to build-up to composite to fused personal opinions as ideas, from a different view-point, which given differences, even if contradictory, still will be mutual, as far as acceptance for; after being tolerated first, right after needed not even have to be considered at all for, when just DID NOT JUDGE!

I find all mighty fine, as far as your logic behind; and how can truly work, if we're just! It’s though, if you expect mutuality, then everyone needs to reciprocate. And, I for sure sees that hard to find, when in reality, those that tend to take the higher ground for, usually go lower than, for; when truly thinking are the bigger person rather! Rather than the one that’d just compromise, not expecting any MUTUALITY rather than!”

Your concerns, questions are just and very realistic.

The potential solution is the following:

  1. We do not ever have to be the same, we do not need to lose any of our unique individuality, any of our positive or negative qualities, contradictions. The connection will unfold above them, a strong enough common goal, purpose keeping us above everything that separates us. At this stage such a common goal, the purpose will be our collective survival. The virus, the unfolding socio-economic crisis, and potentially further blows will convince us that in this global, integral world we can survive only together, only when we cooperate despite the instinctive distrust, even mutual hate we feel. Then when we start to safeguard collective, global survival through unity we will start to sense additional “tastes”, “motivations” through the mutual connections which will make keeping, strengthening the connection even without the threat of self-destruction.
  2. The process will not, cannot unfold with 8–10 billion people at once. And it does not have to. Through development Humanity always resembles a pyramid shape, a minority leading, rest following. If we have a healthy, awakened, positive “critical mass” that understands the principles of global, integral systems and how we need to adapt ourselves in order to survive, with their positive examples, positive motivation the rest will follow — especially as the ground will burn under their feet as our present system is collapsing.
  3. The true integration, mutuality, everybody reaching a similar level of development will happen at the end when everybody shifts from the instinctively egotistic existence towards the consciously acquired integral one.