A true Nation is based on mutual guarantee

Opinion from the Internet about what makes a nation:

“I don’t believe in the concept of an "extended family" as the prerequisite for a state society.

Genetic relatedness as the main basis of a state was superseded by the national state as early as 2500 years ago when Alexander conquered and controlled the people living between Greece and India.

The key to success for modern states is ethnic complexity and centralized government. Britain, France, Germany and other great Colonialist empires demonstrated how states prospered by broadening and multiplying revenue streams.”

While there is truth in what you are saying, I would ask you what happened to that "nation" Alexander established and what happened to other such great empires, how much of the colonies could the great colonist countries hold onto by force?

Even today most nations have a very strong, common genetic and cultural foundation that keeps them together. This is the basis for both negative and positive nationalism.

Of course as a result of large scale immigration, global movement, intermingling it all changes in our times, bringing with itself the breakdown of societies as a result of the cultural, religious, racial differences, the vast differences in set of values.

And as we can see and will see more and more very soon, a strong central government won’t be able to offset those differences.

This is why the only true, sustainable foundation for a diverse, multi-cultural Nation is a unique education that leads to the social system called “mutual guarantee". This is a unique set of relationships between people that applies Nature’s laws, template of integration into Human society.

This is the nationhood the original Nation of Israel symbolized and the modern Nation of Israel should show everybody!