A small step for man, a giant step for mankind…

Question from the Internet:

“How do I care for the world with a small step?”

The small individual step we can all take which could become a giant step for mankind is the step we take away from our inherently egocentric, subjective self towards selflessly, unconditionally serving, caring for others.

Since all the problems we suffer from in the world are the results of our inherently self-serving, exploitative behavior, calculations, even the smallest movement, inclination away from the egoistic, subjective self towards others is a great correction, that immediately causes positive reactions, changes in the fully integrated, interdependent world we evolved into.

Any positive step, interaction, even though causes an augmented positive reverberation in the system, effecting everything and everybody positively. And if such positive steps are made by a small but critical minority, we can transform, reform humanity and the whole system within a short time, avoiding further crisis situations, suffering for all.