A perfect storm is brewing, it is time to change!

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity’s present state:

“Your writings have me in their grip. It taps into so many things that I have thought about but that has become much more urgent in this time of virus, global warming, racism.

I ran home audio marketing for years. My experience was that to even make a dent in the beliefs or consumers or the press required incredibly well thought out and produced presentations. And a great deal of money.

As you have said or implied, once a foundation of beliefs is inculcated it is very hard to dislodge. Additionally, when these are based on religion or ideologies they are nearly cast in concrete.

This account in the “New Yorker” of a conversation with Martin Luther King is calm, yet deeply disturbing: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi

The young man obviously was not aware of the horrendous treatment of black people. He was convinced that Dr. King was causing America great problems with Communism (this was Goldwater time).

It seems that most, if not all humans, have a need for religion or ideology. This is compounded by a belief that a Ph.D. from Harvard makes you an educated person where you may know nothing of science or even of human nature. Whenever I think of the knowledge of modern humans I feel like little of true importance has been learned or taught since the middle ages. We fool ourselves that modern psychology has depth. Many many hours in treatment have convinced me that most of it are trivia.

I had already been driving my wife crazy and your brave venture will only urge me on. I will likely write some on my website. If some miracle happens and I think it is important I will tag on another reply. For now, deep thanks for your monumental effort.”

Thank you. I fully agree with you about the monumental difficulty to change people.

And the task becomes even more difficult when we realize — through the vast amount of historic experience — that people cannot be “convinced”, coerced, tricked, brainwashed to change in a sustainable manner. Such efforts might work for a short time, but later a strong rebound reaction comes.

Thus people only change when they understand why they need to change and come along willingly, seeing its obvious benefit.

Then comes the just question: how on Earth can one make people willingly change from their inherently individualistic, self-centered, subjective mindset to a new one, where they would take others into consideration at least as much as they do themselves. How can we achieve the “natural state” (as it works in closed, living, integral natural systems) where each makes calculations first of all for the benefit, well-being of the collective above and against self-benefit?!

For that, we need a special double motivation ( like in the old good cop/bad cop movies). On one hand, we need to feel the urgency to change from increasing blows, suffering (that are not Human in origin), on the other hand, we need to have a purposeful, practical educational method which makes us feel, truly, tangibly, emotionally that we all gain by building mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation and solve our global problems together.

When we look at things this way we can suddenly see the historic significance of our times, the “perfect storm” pushing Humanity towards an unprecedented crisis, even towards a 3rd, nuclear world war. At the same time, we have the necessary educational method available which could provide a positive attraction.

And even if at least a so-called “critical mass” (about 10–15% of the people in an actual society) start participating in this education, they could “derail” Humanity from the seemingly inevitable self-destructive path. This is where we stand today!