A new phase of human evolution starts now

Question from the Internet:

“For all that the world has been through from the Stone Age till now, what else is left for us as humans?”

Actually whatever we have been through so far has only been a prelude, preparation for our truly Human development which starts in our generation.

Until now human development has been a blind, instinctive affair, as everything we ever did, all the helplessly recurring vicious historic cycles have been driven by our inherently selfish, egotistic, subjective and individualistic nature.

And as our engine, the insatiable ego has been exponentially growing, intensifying while at the same time we evolved into a fully integrated, interdependent system, we are now on the brink of self-destruction like cancer.

This imminent danger will awaken - is already awakening - a more sensitive, critical mass of people, who will start humanity’s shift from the previous blind, instinctive development to a conscious, protective development, leading us towards integration with each other and Nature according to evolution’s predetermined direction.

Then with their positive example they will be able to pull the rest of - constantly deteriorating masses - behind them.