A new, global Human society will be successful only if it is built on Nature’s laws we learn and follow objectively

Opinion from the Internet about a future, integrated, globalHuman society:

You described an ideal utopian world in exquisite detail and it would be wonderful if everyone would agree and work to achieve that together in unity, however, it will never happen. There is too much diversity in our belief systems. It is not necessarily the ego or the “id” (our ancestral instincts) but it is the beliefs we have adopted from our families, our culture, our environment, the circumstances of political issues, and our religious beliefs that have become a part of who we now.

The situations we encounter and the reactions we have to them, with or without the education we rightfully deserve. And who is to say that all education is correct in it’s teaching? Everyone has a different perspective and different interpretation of the reality that just may have accrued in front of many at the same time.

This is the way of the world in its duality of yin and yang, positive and negative, right and wrong. It is the source of third-dimensional life. The electromagnetic pulse of the planet which also runs through our bodies and makes our hearts beat. We are just not aware yet that we are one, connected together by this electrical network that only functions with positive and negative current. And that if we hurt another we are hurting ourselves.

It will take a great Spiritual Awakening to make us aware of this and unfortunately our society, in it’s planning by those that want control, has forced us in that duality. Because if we knew that we are all one, as there is power in numbers, we would not allow ourselves to be controlled.

Sure, it is going to be presented as a solution to our adversity. A new global alliance of unity to usher in peace for all mankind, that really is delusional fantasy. The only way to accomplish that is by depopulation, killing off the old, weak, ignorant, defiant and rebellious undesirables and turn the rest of us into cyborgs that just do as we are programmed. The ones who are in charge have the power to do that. Do you really think their idea of free health, education, and the re-distribution of wealth will come out of their pockets? Hell no, they are swindling all the money from us as we speak, printing more money as handouts (or rather payouts in exchange for our rights and freedom) so that we can become completely dependent on them for our survival. In addition to that, they are keeping us in fear of this global “pandemic” which, when applied together, forms the most effective strategy to control the masses. They want to create a global digital currency that will only pay us when we finish our assigned tasks. They will be tracking all our activity to determine how much we get so that we can buy food. This is what is behind the illusion of the ideal global society. But we will never have world peace, just world dominance. I hope and pray that everyone wakes up to this fact because it is happening now.

I think the only solution is for us to accept our diversities and join tribes with those of like mind. Letting each one govern how they choose and allow others to do the same. Each group should become self-sufficient, not dependent on another unless they can peacefully enter into common trade agreements. Each group should mind their own business and not get involved in each others’ disputes, causing unnecessary war over false accusations with staged antagonism.

If we can achieve that then we can evolve from there, forming a round table of elected leaders whose goals are for the good of all humanity, not for selfish gain. If there is not complete agreement within the circle of leaders than those that disagree should step down so there is unity, working towards the same vision that we, the people, want to attain. One that offers hope for a positive future and a better world for our children. The rules and laws must be created and voted upon by the people, for the people, not solely by, or for the benefit of those in charge. After a certain term, new leaders will be elected to offer new perspectives and fresh ideas.

After all, we all want to arrive at the same destination. We just have to allow others to choose their own path, without trying to prove that ours is the only right way because there will be many more paths and many new destinations following this one.

  1. Most importantly I agree with you, diversity, individual uniqueness is good and cannot be suppressed or erased. And such diversity, individuality does not prevent unity. After all, even in our own biological bodies, life is provided by the mutually responsible, mutually complementing unity, the cooperation of the extremely diverse, seemingly incompatible cells, organs, and microbiome.
  2. What I described is not a “utopia”, it is exactly how Nature’s system and our own above mentioned biological bodies work, exist.
  3. If it was only down to Human beings to decide to build Humanity on the new, above mentioned foundations, I agree with you, it would never happen. But we do not have a free choice in this. It is Nature’s fully integrated system and evolution’s plan that drives the whole system — we are all integral parts of — towards the most optimal, final integration, unity.
  4. We will achieve that final state that is determined by evolution whether we want it or not. Our choice relates to the manner of achieving it. We will reach the end goal either by increasing blows, crisis situations, intolerable suffering pushing us against our will; or we will reach it consciously, proactively, willingly through the previously mentioned educational method.
  5. Thus the “right way” is not defined by any Human ideology, dogma, religion, or spiritual teaching. The “right way” is defined by Nature’s laws we are obliged to follow. This is why we need a unique educational method which first can help us achieve a selfless, objective viewpoint, perception of reality, so then we could follow Nature’s laws without any egocentric, subjective bias, distortion.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.