A medicine, cure works only for those who already feel themselves sick!

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readJul 28, 2020


A response from the Internet to my comments on Humanity’s crisis and solution:

How narrow are your comments? One can use credit for the sake of others, like our children for instance. One can do so to buy a home. One can take a shot at a business that calls for more than one has at the front end. One can also go into debt due to health issues.

Our INHERENT nature is not DEVELOPED by social, governing, or economic systems. It is called inherent because it is an aspect of our species, as determined by DNA. Our behavior is a function of our nature, and the use of that nature of our experiences, something that occurs within our neurology.

In referring to the people of the United States as a collective “everybody”, you demonstrate your ignorance of us. We are very different from each other, and while always melting somewhat together, we remain individuals from very different subcultures, very different life experiences, resulting in a very broad range of unique behaviors and attitudes. This variability surely is the case in all Western nations and includes to a greater or lesser degree egotism. This person’s assertion of our egotism is itself egotism on his part.

You wrote: “While it is still difficult to accept, we don’t exist in Nature’s system as some independent species, creatures that can act as they want, changing, exploiting, replacing erasing anything we want according to our artificial, self-serving desires, ideologies.”

Actually, Western ingenuity and the growth of technology demonstrates a great understanding and respect for nature, ours and that of the world around us. All that we know and can do is because of our obedience to the rules of nature. And what we have done is spectacular! I say that not proudly, but humbly, and with great respect for our nature, that has enabled us to learn mathematics and science, then put them to the task of enhancing our lives. This is seems is most consistent with our nature. And while at it, humans, acting upon their nature, have created great philosophy, beauty, literature.

Thank you for your reply.

I honestly agree with you, my comments are narrow. They are purposefully written to create a “funnel” directing everything we encounter, all the problems we see today towards a single root cause which has a single solution.

I try to act like a doctor with a potent medicine in hand. Which also means that I try to talk, write to those who “feel sick”, who already feel that how we live, the direction we are going to is wrong, and something — especially ourselves and how we connect to each other — has to change.

If someone still sees, feels that individually, collectively we are ok, we can solve our problems with our usual, old methods, and Humanity’s future as it is looks bright, obviously, I have nothing to offer them, like a doctor has not much to offer to those who feel healthy.

In relation to what you said:

  1. There is no problem with people to accumulate credit, a buffer that relates to healthy, normal, natural, Human necessities. The problem is when we start amassing wealth, resources for excess, personal profit, when we consume beyond our necessities and means as it becomes self-destructive. I don’t want to argue about what kind of credit we are accumulating both individually and nationally in our present Western societies, to me the facts, daily events speak for themselves, but of course, we all see the world subjectively.
  2. A “collective” obviously doesn’t mean the assembly of clones, when everybody becomes the same. A collective is specifically the assembly of very diverse, seemingly incompatible individuals, elements, both in Nature’s varied system and in Humanity. The question is on what grounds, for what goals those diverse, seemingly incompatible individually try to connect. In America and in the wider Western world it is for selfish reasons, keeping only superficial connections while succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense. Again one can like this, one might not, still, since this kind of behavior is incompatible with the laws of integrality in living, closed, Natural system, we are now progressing towards worsening, deepening, unsolvable crisis situations which unfolds in front of us daily now. I don’t think I need to prove to you anything about how “successful” this “collective” is when looking at America right now, slowly inching towards a civil war due to vast inequality, separation, and hate along with any differences we can find.
  3. I really don’t know what to answer to your claim that “we humbly respect, know and protect Nature” when all we see around us is reckless exploitation without any concern, without thinking about the long term future. And trust me I am not “Green”, I am very far from it. The pandemic and Nature’s immediate reaction to Humans retreating proves this point, but we can point at multiple factors (the pollution of the oceans, reckless exploitation of living, non-living resources, the disappearance of multiple species as a result of Human activity, antibiotic overuse in farming, and many others, and I carefully don’t even mention the Human responsibility for the climate change), or of course, we can ignore them.
  4. Finally, I just would like to reiterate that the fact we are all born inherently self-serving, self-justifying, that we all want to succeed at the expense of each other (and of course I personally am also included in this picture) is neither evil nor good. This is simply who we are, how we are born from Nature’s evolution. It is exactly this opposition, incompatibility with Nature that gives us free choice, the ability of independent observation of Nature, and the opportunity and evolutionary obligation to develop, complete ourselves by learning how to become like Nature.

I don’t want to convince you about any of it. The “beauty or tragedy” of the matter is that we can simply watch revolutionary changes unfolding in the world day to day now, as evolution is now pressing is that’s the next stage of human development. It will start with those who already see that we can’t continue the same way we have developed so far, but we need to change. The rest will follow later.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.