Question from the Internet:

“Can democratic civilization progress past the point where societies become too complicated for ordinary people to understand?”

We do not know. We do not live in a democratic civilization yet.

Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and exploitative nature is completely opposite to what “classical democracy” would…

Question from the Internet:

“Is the future open?”

Actually, it isn’t. We exist in a lawful, deterministic Natural system with a relentless plan of development that has a predetermined final, most optimal state and a predetermined role, purpose for us all.

What is open is our own participation in this…

Question from the Internet:

“Is Global Peace a Mirage?”

Global peace is a mirage from our inherently subjective, egocentric, individualistic point of view since peace of any kind would require subjugating our egoistic self, rising above our instinctively ruthless, competitive nature that drives us to survive, succeed at the expense…

Zsolt Hermann

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