Question from the Internet:

“Who is the greatest threat to world peace in 2022?”

You have already received many, varied answers to this question from others, identifying certain people, parties, nations as the main enemies of peace.

I would look at it differently.

As long as we search for the…

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think that given the opportunity, time, and communicative ability, you could find a way to substantively relate to every single person on earth? If yes, on what topic would you most often find common ground?”

I think that very soon, most people will finally…

Question from the Internet:

“For the functioning of human society, is competition more important than loyalty and cooperation?”

We are born from Nature, and still exist, evolve with Nature.

In Nature’s system, nothing is obsolete or accidental.

So both our competitive spirit and also the ability to co-exist and cooperate…

Question from the Internet:

“What can bring peace to the world?”

Only the right, “peace education” can bring peace to the world.

We need to understand our own nature, we have to accept that we are all born with a “warmongering”, ruthlessly competitive, egocentric, and individualistic nature that thrives at…

Zsolt Hermann

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