Question from the Internet:

“The elephant rope story: Do people also make the same mistake as the elephants, can you give some examples?”

The elephants did not make any mistakes. They are instinctive creatures, simply act, behave according to their natural instincts and how their conditions allow those instincts to operate.

This is how we can tame, train animals, gradually forcing certain conditions on them that change their behavior. These elephants were simply conditioned to behave that the rope that held them when they were small is strong enough to hold them even when they are grown up.

Human beings…

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think the concept of family is necessary and beneficial for humanity? Or is it more bad than good?”

The classical family model with its instinctive mutual support, mutual cooperation, each member of the family unconditionally serving, loving each other is the basic, fundamental building block of human society.

AS our self-serving, self-justifying, narcissistic, and individualistic ego grew so did the classical family become corrupted, broken to the state where today young people do not want to establish families with ”life-long” commitment, they opt not to have children on their own.

Our societies are also…

Question from the Internet:

“How can you apply peacebuilding to our community?”

Peacebuilding can unfold only through the right, purposeful and practical education for peace, since “true peace” is against our nature.

And only through the right education can we perform the necessary, fundamental self-changes without coercion, fear-mongering, or misleading propaganda.

By default we are all 100% egocentric, subjective, distrusting, ruthlessly competing against others. Knowingly, unknowingly we constantly compare ourselves to others and build our success at the expense of others, as elevating ourselves above others gives us the greatest pleasure.

This is why war, defeating, convincing, humiliating others is…

Question from the Internet:

“What is the primary objective of human beings?”

The primary objective of human beings is to learn how to become “Human”.

By default, we are simply “humanoid”, somewhere in between developed primates and potentially Human beings. And in this transitional state, we are actually worse than other primates as we have lost our instinctive integration within Nature’s perfectly balanced system.

Evolution gave us a unique human ego, that makes us sense ourselves outside of, above the Natural system, feeling as if we could do anything as if we could make up our own laws and systems…

Question from the Internet:

“Is money the foundation of society?”

This seems to be the case today, everything, all our “values”, aspirations center around material wealth, profit accumulation, monetary worth, even people are measured according to the amount of money, stocks they have, and progress is evaluated by GDP, stock exchange indicators, export/import figures, estate market figures.

And this is exactly why our generation is so lost, empty, and desperately unhappy, this is why we are sleepwalking towards an abyss as we have completely forgotten what life, the meaning, purpose of life is.

Life, happiness, fulfillment cannot be measured by…

Question from the Internet:

“Are human wants truly insatiable?”

Yes, we are all driven by an insatiable, fully egocentric, subjective, and individualistic desire which is the engine of our lives.

While all of Nature is driven by a desire for self-existence, survival, constantly fighting, searching for nourishment, safety in order to fulfill natural necessities, the human desire for existence, survival contains a uniquely human, egotistic, exploitative component that exceeds the boundaries of natural necessities.

It is this human ego that differentiates us from other developed primates like orangutans, chimpanzees we originate from the same root with, but while they remained…

Question from the Internet:

“Does the society or community we live in have any significance in understanding the self? Why?”

We have no chance of understanding, even properly researching ourselves with other people around us.

We cannot understand ourselves while delving into, searching within ourselves. It does not work, especially not considering our inherently egocentric, subjective, self-justifying consciousness and perception of reality.

In order to recognize, get to know ourselves we need an honest — mostly brutally honest — mirror we can look into.

We need to see ourselves through the eyes of others, according to how we relate to…

Question from the Internet:

“Is the end of private property the culmination of a society evolving from a more capitalist nature to a more socialistic nature?”

What you describe — accepting the loss of private property, agreeing to exist in a fully integrated, “Nature-like”, mutually responsible, mutually complementing society where each makes calculations for the sake of others above and against the inherently subjective, egocentric calculations — is not the result of linear evolution.

Instead, such a radical change requires a true revolution.

And I do not mean a violent, external revolution that we observed through human history, for example…

Question from the Internet:

“What brings segregation in the hearts of humans, yet no one chose to be who they are?”

You are right on both counts. We are instinctively segregating, we distrust, dislike those who we consider “others” that are different than us, who we do not fully understand.

On the other hand, nobody is responsible for who they are, moreover we are also not responsible for treating, approaching others in a totally egocentric, subjective, negative way as that is also programmed in us from the very beginning.

This is why — in a generation where the globally integrated…

Question from the Internet:

“Are all the problems in the world due to not controlling the population?”

The actual number of the world’s population is not a problem. Moreover, increasing studies suggest that very soon world population will peak and then will rapidly decrease and settle on a level lower than today for many — non-violent — reasons.

Our problems are related more to the “footprint” of most people, especially in Western countries. …

Zsolt Hermann

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