Question from the Internet:

“What is one action that could change the world for the worse, but people think it would be better doing so?”

The one action that makes everything worse, but we still stubbornly keep repeating is “changing the world”, changing, correcting other people.

The only thing, the…

Question from the Internet:

“Which social forces shape our existence?”

Our existence is brought to life and is influenced by two opposite forces. IN Nature life is generated, everything is conducted by negative and positive, attractive and repulsive forces.

Our consciousness, perception of reality is sensed between contrasts, constant comparative…

Question from the Internet:

“How does society make us human?”

Society can make us human if it has the right values, aspirations, and most of all, the right education.

Our present society — regardless of ideology, economic, social system, culture, or religion — does not make us human. Our present…

Question from the Internet:

“How is individual identity shaped by collective knowledge?”

We do not actually have an individual identity as we imagine. We are the product of the environment we exist in.

We are like individual screens, displaying the values, goals, aspirations, behavioral patterns of our immediate and larger…

Question from the Internet:

“If nobody is superior, inferior, or equal but simply unique in their own way, then what does this mean in the latter of hierarchy?”

The state you describe is the actual, inherent state in Nature. Nature is a single, closed, fully, mutually integrated, and interdependent system.

Question from the Internet:

“Is freedom a human capacity to choose actions? Why?”

Our human freedom does not relate to our actions. Our actions are predetermined by our natural instincts as we are always acting according to our inherently egocentric, subjective “pleasure/pain” software, always choosing states, actions that take us…

Question from the Internet:

“Should we be working to transcend the human condition, given that we are an imperfect species?”

You are right. The meaning of our life is to recognize that we are “imperfect” and then find a way to take our own development into our hands to complete…

Question from the Internet:

“What if we were more than just ourselves, and our individual point of view is not meant to focus on ourselves?”

Our true situation is exactly how you described it.

What we feel our “self” is simply an individual cell within the fully integrated and interdependent “body” of humanity, which integrated humanity is also but a single organ within Nature’s fully integrated, living organism.

And from within that individual cell we feel as ourselves our most important point is our individual observer.

And we can learn to develop, fine-tune this individual observer point to the state, developmental level, that we will fully, tangibly, realistically sense the whole system as our own part, observing it, partnering it from within.

Question from the Internet:

“How can we balance personal freedom with social responsibilities in a crisis like Covid-19?”

Only through the right education.

If we gradually understand and actually feel how Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system work — and also accept that humanity is one of those integrated, interdependent…

Zsolt Hermann

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