Question from the Internet:

“What might humans accomplish?”

Humans need to accomplish what Nature’s evolution expects from them.

We have a predetermined, unique, very high role, purpose in Nature’s system. We have to become Nature’s only conscious, willingly, purposefully integrated, but at the same time independent and objective observers, partners.

Question from the Internet:

“How do you develop a society so that more than just the elite matters?”

First of all, we have to understand that although we are all born with inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, subjective, and individualistic nature, our insatiable hunger for more, our willingness to sacrifice ourselves…

Question from the Internet:

“Is poverty a state of mind or a lack of resources?”

It is both.

There are people for whom even their daily necessities are missing. For them, poverty, the lack of resources is their actual, physical reality.

But there are people who have all their physical…

Zsolt Hermann

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